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Production Services for Live Streams

Want to connect with an unrestricted number of people who are 10 times more likely to watch your videos than they would be if they were prerecorded and eager to engage with your brand? You should use the boundless potential of live streaming. Broadcasting your event in real time increases exposure and facilitates interaction between your brand and viewers from far and wide (and get that rush of instant gratification that gives them positive associations with your business).

Live Streaming Service Provider

On the spur of the moment, we don't start broadcasting from our phones. To ensure that your live stream video production is of the greatest possible quality, we use cutting-edge broadcast technology that has been customized to meet your demands and objectives. Our goal is to establish the optimal setup for your live broadcast by combining cutting-edge technology and seasoned advertising professionals. During the event, we'll work as your strategic partner to make sure the live stream accurately reflects your event and conveys your message to the intended audience. Each of our live broadcasts is unique, and we approach them with imagination and an eye toward achieving specific goals.

How Do You Stream in REAL TIME?

Live Events

Whether it's a concert, a political rally, a conference, a trade expo, a fashion display, a tournament, or a gathering If your company is sponsoring an intriguing event, your target demographic will likely want to participate with you. Streaming your event live allows viewers a front-row experience (and even behind the scenes too for an exclusive peek).

Employee Training

Broadcast your trainings in real time so that workers in different offices and regions may participate and ask questions at the same time. Capture the broadcast and save it for use in future lessons.

Internal Meetings

Live stream meetings allow everyone to see the same information at the same time, which is useful for everything from board meetings to sales coaching to franchise communications. In particular, long-distance relationships with investors and shareholders can benefit from high-quality live stream video creation.


Live webinars can be made out of any event, including Q&A sessions and panels. These can be an excellent way to disseminate information, raise awareness of your company, and attract more attendees to your event.


What is the ideal streaming platform?

You should use whatever medium your target audience prefers. You should go live on Facebook if the vast majority of your viewers are there. Boost your LinkedIn video if you have a dedicated LinkedIn audience. If you're looking for a live stream production company, go no further than Shedless Media, because we're one of the few that can simultaneously stream to all key social media platforms throughout your event and make it look effortless while doing it.

Which of these is the single most crucial understanding for a successful stream?

The key for us is to always be ready. There is no such thing as too much practice before a live webcast that will be seen by thousands, if not millions. Two primary methods of preparation exist. In the first place, we need access to the web. Before we can go live, we need a day to test the network and make sure everything is set to go. Second, you'll require the services of a fantastic live stream firm that has the necessary technology and also understands how to turn your event into a compelling narrative in real time. Even if you're broadcasting live, everything should look and sound like a professionally produced video.

For a live stream, what do I need in terms of hardware and software?

The reason for the live stream and the nature of the event are both factors. You should use as many different layouts, views, and settings as possible to provide your audience the most immersive experience possible. For this reason, it's recommended to use a minimum of two cameras to record live action from a variety of perspectives. When broadcasting in real time, you want to provide your viewers the full picture.
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